Business Intelligence

Data is everywhere. It drives businesses, the economy and everyday life. In a growing market, having the knowledge and skills to analyse and understand data will make you a valuable member of any team in a range of industries. A Bachelor of Data Analytics not only prepares you for the real world, but it also […]

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems professionals build AI software for smart systems used in driverless cars, smart robots, intelligent chatbots and intelligent diagnostic systems. This programme is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the theory, methods, systems, and software design and development used in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems that can […]

Business Information Systems

In this Degree programme, you will learn how information is generated, communicated, stored and applied to a range of Business activities. You will gain the skills and knowledge needed to apply technical solutions to Business problems, in addition to an understanding of information systems design, development and management. You will also develop project management, research, […]

Computer Science

Computing skills are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of jobs, from analysis and design to a broad range of other technical and professional fields. Employers are looking for job seekers who have both domain expertise and Computer Science-related skills. Given this requirement, you should prepare yourself for the job market by taking a […]

Cyber Security and Forensics

As the world becomes more digitally connected, cyber attacks will continue with greater frequency and severity. Governments, corporations and consumers will continue to need protection against cyber security threats. With government initiatives set to open more doors for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals than before, abundant employment opportunities await job seekers in the ICT […]

Games Software Design and Production

Turn your love for video games into a career Ever wondered how your favourite video games are developed? As a software developer and computer programmer, you can help turn an idea into a mobile game or video. With increasing opportunities in this growing industry, this programme will help you gain the skills needed to work […]

Mobile and Web Application Development

What will our future phones and devices do? How will our cars, houses and appliances connect seamlessly in day-to-day life? In this Degree programme, you will learn the theory, design, techniques and practices required to develop software systems for internet, cloud and mobile devices, with a focus on client-server and mobile applications. You will also […]