Computer Science

Computing skills are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of jobs, from analysis and design to a broad range of other technical and professional fields.

Employers are looking for job seekers who have both domain expertise and Computer Science-related skills. Given this requirement, you should prepare yourself for the job market by taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. It is a wise career decision and supports a successful entry into a range of occupations. It also opens doors well beyond the traditional confines of the Information Technology department.

Computer Science-related skills are versatile. Once you learn the core principles of the discipline, building additional capabilities that a particular job requires becomes easier. Equip yourself with a Double Major Degree in Computer Science and Business Information Systems to gain competitive advantage.

The programme can be completed in 16-24 months instead of 28-36 months. Applicants with a Polytechnic Diploma may be exempted from up to 12 units and can gain entry to Year 2 of the programme. Applicants with a Murdoch University-recognised Kaplan Diploma or a private Diploma may be exempted from up to 8 units and can also gain entry to Year 2 of the programme. You also have the flexibility to plan your schedule and study at your own pace while you are working.

Tuition Fee

  • Single Major: Range from S$22,628.40 to S$30,258.40 (inclusive of 9% GST)
  • Double Major: Range from S$26,770.40 to S$31,204.52 (inclusive of 9% GST)

Receive an Education Grant* of S$2,180 when you enrol in selected programmes.

*Terms and conditions apply

Professional Accreditation

  • Accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS)

Professional Memberships

  • Student Membership with Centre of Strategic Cyberspace and International Studies (CSCIS)
  • Student Chapter Membership with the Singapore Computer Society (SCS)

Single & Double Majors Available

Top Roles in Demand

Analysis & Project

  • Business & Technology Delivery Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Senior Analyst Programme/Analyst Programmer
  • Senior Business System Analyst/Analyst
  • Senior IT Analyst/IT Analyst
  • Senior Software Analyst/Software Analyst

Application Development

  • Application Architect
  • Application Development Lead
  • Application Engineer
  • Interactive/Web Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Senior Application Developer/Application Developer
  • Senior Design Engineer

Business Development

  • IT Account Manager/Assistant Manager
  • IT Pre-Sales/Sales Manager
  • Senior Consultant/Consultant

IT Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Consultant
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • IT Security Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer/Engineer
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Technical Lead
  • Technical Service Engineer


  • Chief Technology Officer
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager/Assistant Manager
  • IT Senior Manager

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