About Murdoch University

At Murdoch University, we believe that you are your best asset and an investment in yourself is preparation for your future. 

As a member of the Innovative Research Universities Group, we collaborate with a number of distinguished Australian universities, conducting research of a national and international standing.

World-leading research: We have 15 research areas rated “above world standard” by the Australian Research Council¹.

Five-star rating: We pride ourselves on having academics who are pioneers in their respective fields along with state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional student services – all supported by our five-star rankings for overall, and for teaching, employability, learning facilities and inclusiveness².

As a forward-thinking University with an international reputation and a wealth of expertise, Murdoch University is a top choice for a world-class Degree.

Murdoch Faculty

Choosing a tertiary education provider is a big decision. You have selected a reputable university with high standards. It is Murdoch University’s commitment to give you a quality student experience and a top-notch qualification.

Professor Peter Waring is based in Singapore to oversee the academic aspects of the programmes and to ensure a high standard of academic delivery here. This is an exclusive arrangement by Murdoch University.

Professor Peter Waring

Pro Vice-Chancellor Transnational Education & Singapore Dean
Murdoch University Singapore