Global Media and Communication

Do you aspire to have a career in Global Media and Communication? In this Major, you will develop new skills and gain experience as you analyse both traditional and new media texts, learn about the power of communication and its impact on society and culture, and develop research skills that enable you to examine global […]

Strategic Communication

Explore the field of Strategic Communication with an extensive Bachelor’s Degree programme from Murdoch University. It provides an opportunity for in-depth learning to develop your analytical skills, critical thinking and evaluative skills through a combination of theoretical and practical components. To further enhance the breadth of your education, international theories and practices are covered, along […]

Web Communication

This programme is a compelling combination of web design, digital marketing and public relations. You will learn how to design and develop strategies for web communication campaigns using a range of digital media, including games, mobile technology, online news media, social media, websites and videos. Studying Web Communication will allow you to effectively convey information […]