Business Management

The diversity and abundance of career opportunities make the prospect of studying a Business Management Degree highly appealing. Business touches on almost every aspects of our lives. A Business Management Degree expands and enhances your career prospects, which may stretch across any sector or industry. Your career options are, therefore, diverse. The skills you gain […]

Human Resources Management

There is an increasing demand for specialised Human Resources (HR) professionals across major key industries in Singapore, with companies actively looking to hire functional HR experts to add value and play strategic business partnering roles to attract the right candidates for the organisation and ensure that employees are highly engaged. Those with experience in the […]

International Business

Organisations are looking for ways to expand and operate across international borders. This programme equips you with the skills and experience you need to succeed in the world of international business. As you develop your strategic decision-making abilities, put your cross-cultural skills into practice and explore new ways of thinking, you will build a skill […]


Ever scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram feed, only to see ads for something you were recently looking at that morning pop up? Perhaps you noticed that your recommended songs on Spotify are very similar to the songs you listen to regularly? Marketing teams across the world are using data and new digital marketing strategies […]