Management used to be about organising, directing and controlling – but times have changed. Management refers to the process of employing resources to achieve organisational goals and customer needs. Today’s managers are facing new challenges, often with teams working across a range of locations, and must adapt to a constantly shifting set of macro conditions. […]

Human Resources Management

While robots advance in intelligence, the irreplaceable role of people in organizational success remains steadfast. In this era of rapid technological change, Human Resource (HR) managers are increasingly sought-after, with their versatile skillsets relevant across industries. Embarking on the journey of Human Resources Management equips you with essential knowledge and skills to cultivate, nurture, and […]

International Business

Organisations are looking for ways to expand and operate across international borders. This programme equips you with the skills and experience you need to succeed in the world of international business. As you develop your strategic decision-making abilities, put your cross-cultural skills into practice and explore new ways of thinking, you will build a skill […]


Ever scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram feed, only to encounter ads for products you were just browsing? Or marvelled at how your TikTok feed perfectly aligns with your interests? Marketing teams worldwide are leveraging data and innovative digital strategies to guide consumers towards their desired experiences. In our programme, dive into the dynamic world […]