Join the Accounting sector and embark on an Accounting career. Equip yourself with a Double Major Degree in Accounting to gain a competitive advantage. It could be your potential pathway to the Big 4 firms. The programme can be completed in 16-24 months instead of 28-36 months. Applicants with a Polytechnic Diploma may be exempted […]


Acquire the skills and knowledge you need to have a career in Singapore’s flourishing Banking industry, and tap into career opportunities from over 120 major banks operating here¹. You will explore how the banker-customer relationship works and learn how to build customer trust, create and manage loans, make strategic investment decisions, and help businesses, governments […]


A Finance Degree could lead you to a prestigious position with a competitive salary package – but that is not your only option. In alignment with your life goals, you could find fulfilment in non-profit organisations, government agencies or start-ups as well. By learning how to explore business opportunities, analyse problems and find solutions, you […]