Politics and International Studies

The Politics and International Studies Major will pique your interest if you are actively participating in shaping the local and global forces that affect political institutions and their policies. It will enable you to take up effective roles in local, state, national and international political institutions by developing an understanding of real-world political and policy issues, and encouraging you to apply your knowledge and skill sets to it.

The programme can be completed in 16-24 months instead of 28-36 months. Applicants with a Polytechnic Diploma may be exempted from up to 12 units and can gain entry to Year 2 of the programme. Applicants with a Murdoch University-recognised Kaplan Diploma or a private Diploma may be exempted from up to 8 units and can also gain entry to Year 2 of the programme. You also have the flexibility to plan your schedule and study at your own pace while you are working.

The Murdoch Advantage

  • Same degree as that awarded to on-campus graduates in Australia
  • Possible completion in 16 months
  • Plan your own schedule & study at own pace
  • Full degree transcript upon completion
  • Polytechnic Diploma holders get up to 12 units of exemption
  • Blended learning with recording

Tuition Fee

  • Double Major: Range from S$26,089.15 to S$29,870.36 (inclusive of 9% GST)
  • Receive an Education Grant* of S$2,180 when you enrol in selected programmes.

    *Terms and conditions apply

    Single & Double Majors Available

    Top Roles in Demand

    • Aid and non-governmental organisations
    • Foreign Correspondent
    • Foreign Journalist
    • Lobbyist
    • Office-holder in Political Parties
    • Policy Consultancies (public and private)
    • Policymaker
    • Political Candidate
    • Security Analyst


    You could also work in analytical and decision-making positions in public service, international organisations, government and non-government agencies, journalism, media, public relations, education, welfare, health policy, business administration, corporate government relations, think tanks and research institutes.

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