Unit description

Business Analytics 

This unit helps students to understand how business analytics can guide and inform business decisions. In particular, it focuses on developing one’s ability to collect the data, analyse it and use the results of analysis in practice. Workshops of this programme are very practical and help students to develop analytical skills and be able to work on various business analysis tasks. Finally, this unit offers students challenging but exciting opportunities to enhance their business management skills, and work collaboratively and creatively.  

Consumer Behaviour 
Studying how consumers behave is an important marketing activity in today’s dynamic business and consumer environment. Consumers purchase products and services differently due to factors such as culture, demographics, marketing and psychographics. Consumer Behaviour investigates such differences and the subsequent decision-making, as well as examines related ethical and social issues. Examples, discussions and exercises help illustrate the importance of consumer behaviour for business and non-profit organisations. 

Cross Cultural Marketing 
International marketing is necessary for firms wishing to participate in the global economy. The unit will focus on key elements that a firm must assess when planning to commence, or continue, marketing its product overseas. Students will understand the different environments, market conditions and strategies that influence the successful implementation of an international marketing strategy. 


Building on skills developed in previous units, students will learn how common marketing concepts must be adapted beyond domestic approaches to ensure international success.  

Digital and Social Media Marketing 
This unit will equip you with the skills you need to be a productive and effective marketer in the 21st century. You will learn the current tools and best practices you can use to promote a brand, drive sales leads and boost customer engagement. 

Marketing Research and Analysis 
This unit is designed to provide students with an overview of the marketing research process and its basis in scientific methods. It also develops knowledge of the principles of research design, data collection, statistical analysis, and report preparation and presentation. The unit examines recent developments in online research methods and the use of database marketing. Ethical issues of research are also addressed as well as difficulties involved in cross-cultural research. 

Services, Relationship and Retail Marketing 
The marketing of services and tangible goods differs, requiring different strategies to be employed in marketing service organisations. Students will analyse services marketing together with relationship and retail marketing critically. They will be asked to reflect on the activities of the service strategy of organisations, including retail, and the broader implications it presents in areas of ethical conduct and varying customer expectations or situations. 

Strategic Marketing 
This is the capstone unit of the Marketing major, providing a comprehensive and practical understanding of the strategic marketing management processes in a competitive environment. A central focus is the preparation of a strategic plan for a specific product or service. 

The unit develops the broad skills of communication, design, formulation, implementation, planning and strategic thinking. It provides a succinct review of key issues in strategic marketing research and the current state of the marketing industry.