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Increasing demand for specialised Human Resource professionals
across major key industries

There is an increasing demand for specialised Human Resource (HR) professionals across major key industries in Singapore, with companies actively looking to hire functional HR experts to add value and play strategic business partnering roles to attract the right candidates for the organisation and ensure that employees are highly engaged.

Murdoch Human Resources Management Programmes Murdoch Human Resources Management Programmes

Those with experience in the development of innovative talent management and acquisition initiatives will be highly sought-after, as companies need to ensure that their offers match the expectations of a modern HR professional.

With the world of work in a constant state of flux, especially in this age of digitalisation, HR professionals need to evolve their skill sets and effectively create the adaptive workforce of the future.

Join the HR industry and equip yourself with a Double Major Degree in Human Resources Management to gain a competitive advantage.

Polytechnic Diploma holders receive exemptions and gain direct entry to Year 2 of the Degree2. You can complete your Degree in 16 months instead of 28 months3. You can look forward to starting your careers and earning sooner, possibly even one year earlier. You also have the flexibility to plan your schedule and study at your own pace even while you are working.

Top Roles In Demand
  • Experienced C&B professionals who can design and enhance current benefits and sales compensation programmes to attract and retain talent will be highly sought-after, as more companies have adopted a two­pronged approach (offline and online) towards sales and customer engagement.

  • There is a high demand for C&B professionals to help develop innovative and competitive C&B programmes to ensure that their staff are fairly compensated.

  • In addition to managing HR operations, candidates are responsible for developing the company's HR strategy and playing an active role in business partnering.

  • There is a talent demand for commercially-focused HR directors who have experience in change management to expand in high-growth markets such as China and India.

  • As companies continue its digital transformation plans, employers are looking to hire seasoned HR and OD (organisational development) Directors to lead the change in workplace culture and skills development.

  • Global companies are actively seeking competent HR Project Managers to play an active role in change management teams. Candidates with working experience in consultancy firms a re highly preferred as they can share different perspectives as well as introduce and integrate processes.

  • As more companies scale in business operations, we expect an increasing demand for specialised recruiters who have strong stakeholder management skills to manage and align the expectations between candidates and employers.

  • As the HR function changes from being an operative unit to a strategic and dynamic one, there is a strong talent demand for senior-level HR partners who have deep experience in strategic planning and change management to drive board agenda.

  • Companies are actively looking to hire HR Managers who have excellent people management skills and can work on an operational and strategic level.

  • Companies are seeking to hire high-performing TA (talent acquisition) Managers who have admirable people management skills and are experienced in consulting the business on its talent and workforce needs.

Human Resource Salary Guide
Job Title Salary Range
(per annum)1
Compensation & Benefits Manager SGD104,779 – 188,926
Compensation & Benefits Director SGD187,464 – 283,396
HR Business Partner SGD56,595 – 83,720
Senior HR Business Partner SGD182,464 – 234,827
HR Manager SGD83,061 – 125,960
HR Director SGD180,187 – 400,061
HR Project Manager SGD124,546 – 181,677
HR & Organisational Development Change Director SGD184,363 – 278,561
Recruiter SGD52,786 – 104,346
Talent Acquisition Manager SGD96,568 – 159,136

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