Hospitality and Tourism Management 

Unit description 


Destination Management 
This unit examines the management of the tourism system with a focus on “destinations”. The system’s outcomes of tourism and its use of tourism as a development strategy for building “community” are also explored in this unit. This involves strategic planning, a forward-looking, critical approach to sustainable tourism development, and identifying and implementing effective management in the context of sustainability. It is designed as a practical exercise in tourism destination management, guided by project management techniques. 


Global Strategic Management 
This unit draws together prior management learning and prepares you to think strategically by looking at all the issues and problems affecting the strategic initiatives of an international organisation. This unit will provide you with frameworks for the analysis of problems and
issues  in managing an international business. It focuses on contemporary worldwide issues of competitiveness and how these are influenced
by the cultural, political and economic environments, and the key functional areas of a business. 


Organisational Theory and Behaviour 
This unit provides an overview of the dynamics of individual and group behaviour in organisations, as well as explore organisational theories and management processes. Students will investigate how individual, team and organisational processes affect behaviour in order to develop skills in identifying and solving problems to maximise organisational efficiency and productivity.


Sustainable Tourism 
Sustainable tourism, which developed from the 1980s’ concept of sustainable development, incorporates principles which integrate economic imperatives with the maintenance of ecological processes, biological diversity and biophysical resources, equity within and between generations, and the need for compatibility with society, community and cultural values. This unit analyses the management of tourism, events and hospitality development, and its relationship to the conservation of natural, social and cultural resources. Participation in field trips on a cost recovery basis may be required. 


Sustainable Tourism Development (Asian Study Tour)*
Sustainable Tourism Development (Asian Study Tour) is an intensive, five-week unit which includes a two-week study tour to Japan. It is designed for students in tourism, community development, international aid and development, and sustainable development. It explores the economic, social-cultural, community and environmental impacts of tourism destinations on local communities and stakeholders. Students will apply theoretical concepts and preliminary research to presentations to local community and stakeholders at the host destination.

*This module includes a mandatory study tour to an overseas destination determined by Murdoch University for a duration of approximately two weeks. The programme fee does not include study tour expenses which will be at the student’s own expense. Students are required to make payment directly to Murdoch University for the cost of accommodation, workshops, scheduled activities, transportation and some meals which will be arranged by the University.  Students are required to make their own flight and travel insurance arrangements and purchase these at their own expense. As there are limited places, Murdoch University reserves the right to shortlist applicants for this module. For application requirements, please refer to your programme consultant or the programme management team.

Tourism and Hospitality Law 
Management professionals operating in the industry require knowledge of relevant common law and legislation that are likely to have an impact. This unit focuses on contracts for passenger transport and traveller accommodation, consumer protection for travellers, carrier liability laws, tort law relevant to tourism, travel agency law, and laws relating to food, beverage and other tourist activities and attractions.