Graduate Certificate in Communication

Unit description

Global Media: Asia-Pacific Perspectives 

This unit explores the dynamics of the cultural, economic, political and social impacts of the global media from an Asia-Pacific perspective. It discusses the key functions of the global media industry and institutions, media content and discourse, as well as media markets and consumption in a number of key Asia-Pacific nation-states. Students will engage with current issues, debates and themes about the global media, from a Western and non-Western perspective. 

International Strategic Communication and Culture 

This unit explores the theory and practice of communication, drawing on recent strategic communication and public relations scholarship focusing on critical, global and cultural perspectives. Students will develop skills in academic reading, research and writing, and critically engage with theory to explore the challenges of communication management in different cultural contexts and the implications for communication practice. Topics include gender and diversity in public relations and public activism. 

Strategic Communication 

Explore the main theoretical perspectives that inform organisational communication and situate them in relation to the strategic communication skills necessary for those in corporate and not-for-profit organisations, and the public sector. 

Examine the importance of organisational culture and communication with stakeholder groups. Develop the conceptual ability to link the development of organisational goals with communication practices appropriate for the political environment and learn to conduct professional communication within a diverse range of environments. 

Web Strategy 

This unit explores the function and form of communications strategy in the web environment by analysing the impact of the Internet — in particular, mobile communication technology, social media and websites — on the way that organisations interact with stakeholders and audiences in the online public sphere. Students will engage with Internet theory, marketing communication and public relations in order to research, develop and implement strategies in real time for real-life projects.