Business Law 

Unit description

Alternative Dispute Resolution 
This unit will explore the variety of methods that may be adopted to resolve conflicts other than by way of binding third-party intervention, including arbitration, blended processes, conciliation, mediation and negotiation.

Company Law 
The unit examines how Australian company law provides for the registration, operation and de-registration of companies as a form of business organisation. The legal relationships between participants in the company, between it and the regulators, and between itself and outsiders are considered. 

Finance Law 
This unit examines areas of particular relevance to the banking and finance industries. Topics covered include anti-money laundering provisions, debenture and note finance, fundraising via issue and sale of securities, key Australian financial system regulators, loan finance, managed investment schemes, regulation of consumer credit and takeovers. Regulation of financial services and markets, as well as the financial services licensee-client relationship, are also focused on. 

Using an applied learning approach, this unit explores the cultural, ethical and legislative dimensions of income taxation. Incorporating practical illustrations, it applies relevant legislation and case law to identify assessable income, allowable deductions, the appropriate treatment of capital gains and the tax applicable to common commercial transactions. The unit also investigates the influence of cultural attitudes toward taxation compliance and examines the ethical implications of tax avoidance schemes. 

Tourism and Hospitality Law 
Management professionals operating in the industry require knowledge of relevant common law and legislation that are likely to have an impact. This unit focuses on contracts for passenger transport and traveller accommodation, consumer protection for travellers, carrier liability laws, tort law relevant to tourism, travel agency law, and laws relating to food, beverage and other tourist activities and attractions. 

Workplace Law 
This unit examines the legal relationship between an employer and employee in Australia. It begins with a study of the individual contract of employment, focusing on the common law rights and duties of employers and employees, then proceeds to take an overview of relevant federal legislation. A particular interest is taken in the minimum standards, regulation of collective bargaining, industrial action, dismissal, and work health and safety.