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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems professionals are the architects of tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems professionals build AI software for smart systems used in driverless cars, smart robots, intelligent chatbots, and intelligent diagnostic systems. This programme is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the theory, methods, systems, software design and development used in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems that can be used in different industries and organisations. You will be equipped with knowledge and hands-on experience with up-to-date technologies that prepare you for the workforce.

The number of jobs emerging in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems is increasing yearly, driven by the need for productivity improvements and efficiencies in many industries across the globe. It is an exciting time to be studying Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

Polytechnic Diploma holders receive exemptions and gain direct entry to Year 2 of the Degree programme1. You can complete your programme in 16 months instead of 28 months2. You can look forward to starting your careers and earning sooner, possibly even one year earlier. You also have the flexibility to plan your schedule and study at your own pace while you are working.

Student Membership

Student Membership with the Centre of Strategic Cyberspace and International Studies (CSCIS)

All students will be entitled to a waiver of membership fee of their initial application for membership with the CSCIS. The CSCIS supports members in their ongoing career development and benefits include dedicated industry talks and sessions, networking opportunities, and updates on cyber security-related topics.

Established in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London, the CSCIS is a bipartisan, multilateral and international non-profit organisation. It seeks to advance global cyberspace security and prosperity by providing strategic insights for cyberspace and policy solutions to decision-makers.

The CSCIS focus on cyberspace provides advancement on international cyber policy with an emphasis on defence and security, regional and transnational cyber challenges, ranging from critical infrastructures, technology, cybercrime, terrorism, and research to national security, development and economic integration. Since its inception, the CSCIS has worked to develop practical solutions for today’s cyberspace challenges.

Career Opportunities
  • AI Engineer
  • AI Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Smart Systems Developer
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