Why Kaplan?

Kaplan - The Choice of Many

Kaplan in Singapore is part of Kaplan Inc., one of the world’s most diverse education providers and is the largest subsidiary of Graham Holdings, formerly The Washington Post Company. To date, Kaplan in Singapore has students from over 35 countries and regions, and has served more than 65,000 graduates. With over 500 academic programmes and professional certification courses for higher learning and skills development, Kaplan provides opportunities for individuals to pursue lifelong learning.

Your Lifelong Integrated Learning Partner

Higher Learning | Skills Development

Award Winning Private Education Provider in Singapore

JobsCentral Learning Training & Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards1

2018 Best Private Education Institution

  • Accountancy3
  • Banking & Finance3
  • Business Management3
  • Communications & Media2
  • Computer Science & IT2
  • Law3
  • Sales & Marketing2
  • Social Sciences3

2017 Best Private Education Institution

  • Accountancy3
  • Business Management3
  • Law3
  • Marketing2
  • Psychology2

2016 Best Private Education Institution

  • Business Management3
  • Communications & Media2
  • Computer Science & IT2
  • Marketing3

BERG Icons of Learning 2017

  • Winner of Best Private Education Instition in Singapore4

EC-Council Global Awards

ATC Circle of Excellence Award
(Asia Pacific)2

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

Academia Circle of Excellence Award
(Asia Pacific)2

  • 2017

AsiaOne People's Choice Awards

Top 3 Best Private Schools in Singapore

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

JobsCentral Learning and Rankings Survey

Preferred Private Education Institution

  • 2010/2011
  • 2011/2012
  • 2012/2013
  • 2013/2014

Kaplan Helps You Get Ahead

At Kaplan, we understand your need to pursue a quality education that can help you achieve your career goals. We offer one of the widest range of academic programmes from Diploma, to Bachelor’s Degrees and Postgraduate qualifications, for you to choose your area of interest and balance your commitment through flexible study modes and schedules.

Disciplines available:

  • Accounting, Banking & Finance
  • Business & Management
  • Communication & Media
  • Education & Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Criminology
  • Nursing & Health Services

One of the largest private education institutions in Singapore, our campuses, Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge and @ PoMo span more than 140,000 sqft. The campuses are located in the heart of the city, all within walking distances from 6 MRT stations across major train lines. All our campuses are strategically located to provide students with convenient and conducive study environments, including state-of-the-art classrooms and computer laboratories, WIFI access, student lounges, well-resourced library and food & beverage outlets on campus.

Raising Your Employability with Industry Relevance

Kaplan in Singapore is committed to offering quality education through higher learning and skills development. As a result, Kaplan students will experience a holistic education with emphasis on graduate outcomes that will enhance their employability.

Higher Education

Over 25 Diplomas and 300 Degree
programmes available

Employability Services

Comprehensive series of initiatives including skills-based training for full-time students


Our graduates will be career and

Kaplan Industry Advisory Boards (IABs)

Our six Kaplan Industry Advisory Boards comprising industry leaders and entrepreneurs provide industry perspectives and insights that help us ensure our curriculum is current, relevant and robust. This, together with our enhanced employability initiatives, helps us prepare our students to be industry-ready, with knowledge and key skill sets that employers are looking for in a new graduate.

Developing Industry-Ready Talent

We have a comprehensive series of initiatives to complement our full-time students’ academic learning. Students will be guided to build their professional profile and be equipped with soft, technical and digital skills, ready for life after graduation. These initiatives promote skills-based learning that aim to help our graduates be career and industry-ready to make an impact in the real world.

Kaplan Employability Services


4th Industrial Revolution (IR) Courses

Complimentary skills-based training courses to provide students with industry-ready skills


Industry Projects

Solve real-world industry problems


Work Experience

(Non-credit bearing internship) Increase exposure to the workforce


Industry Clinics

Receive advice from industry experts


MasterClass Series

Access to industry trends and insights


Kaplan iCare

Contribute to society through participating in community activities


Professional Development Workshops

Build online profile and attend professional development workshops


Career Advisory

Personalised career coaching sessions


Graduate Employment

Access to Kaplan's network of employers for graduate opportunities


Kaplan Career Fairs

Attend career fairs with employers from different industries offering employment opportunities

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo and @ Wilkie Edge – The Synergy Pod

Disruption has become prevalent across different sectors, particularly, in education and this has redefined innovation in learning.

As part of Kaplan’s DNA to continuously transform and innovate to benefit our student learning, it has invested in the creation of The Synergy Pod – Classroom of the Future.

Designed and built to deliver the best possible learning experience, every Synergy Pod at Kaplan is a comprehensive blended learning platform that combines effective classroom learning methodology with technologically-mediated resources to enhance every student’s learning experience and engagement.

These modern classrooms were built in mind to encourage teacher-student discussions and peer-to-peer collaboration, providing a dynamic, interactive and immersive learning experience for students.

Click here to find out more about The Synergy Pod.

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo – Study Area

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo – Classroom

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo – Library

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo – Library

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge – Computer Lab

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge – Study Area

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge – Classroom

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge – Walkway

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge Level 5

Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge Level 2

Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo