Where can an International Business Degree take you?

Trading and working with people faraway has been intrinsic to human civilisation for centuries. Today, technology and globalisation have impacted how we do business, so changing the way we think about age-old concepts has never been more important.

New markets are opening up, geographical distances are getting easier to overcome and people living across the globe are working together. Yet these opportunities also bring new challenges and competition.

Imagine that you’re browsing the net and you buy a pair of shoes from a shop based in the US. Shoes that were made in Bangladesh use materials from Mexico, transported by a Japanese logistics company and delivered by an Australian courier company.

It’s easy to buy what we want, when we want, regardless of where it’s made or sold. But what if the worker who made your shoes was living below the poverty line, working in unsafe conditions and was still unable to provide for their family?

Or if the logistics company was illegally polluting the ocean through their shipping activities, the courier company wasn’t paying the right amount of tax or the Mexican textile company wasn’t paid fairly for their materials?

That’s where you come in.

What jobs can you get with an International Business Degree?

Businesses across multiple industries are increasingly looking to improve their capabilities to expand and operate across international borders.

Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur ready to bring your ideas to the world or if you see yourself transforming global corporations to be more sustainable and ethical, a Degree in International Business can be your launch pad.

Some of the roles you could pursue in industry sectors such as public service, NGOs and multinational corporations, include:

  • Foreign Affairs Advisor
  • Investment Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Import / Export Advisor
  • International Engagement Officer
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Logistics Manager

Imagine the impact you may have if you bring an in-depth understanding of the social, political and cultural dimensions of global business to your future career.

Would you aim to strengthen ties with trading partners in Asia, since a third of the world’s population are forecasted to be working there? Or would your first focus be to negotiate better trade deals with each Government?

Why study International Business at Murdoch University?

International business is a constantly evolving field that’s challenging, exciting and brimming with opportunities, with several reasons to pursue it as a career. What will your reason be?

Find out more about our Bachelor of Business in International Business to get your journey started.

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