What does a career in Marketing look like?

With a career in Marketing, you could be part of an influential team that utilises data, Marketing strategies and creative thinking to give people what they want, before they even know they want it.

What careers can you pursue if you study Marketing?

Marketing is all around us. From global sports brands to local charities, Marketing is essential to all businesses imaginable.

You could take on roles such as:

  • MARKETING ACCOUNT MANAGER/MARKETING CONSULTANT – manage advertising and promotional campaigns for your clients.
  • PRODUCT/BRAND MANAGER – leverage your Marketing expertise to build and promote a brand or product.
  • MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST – collect and use data to learn more about a brand’s target market and reach relevant audiences.
  • CONTENT MARKETER – write blog posts, build social media campaigns and create videos to market products and services.
  • DIGITAL MARKETER – create or update websites and online platforms, as well as manage digital advertising.

You could build a career in product and brand management, market research and analysis, advertising and promotion, online communications, or consulting and business administration.

What do Marketing professionals do?

Your day-to-day responsibilities depend on the type of role you are in and who you are working for. You might be an entrepreneur promoting your own product or service. You might also work in a business setting promoting a company or product, or at an agency with a wide range of clients with different needs.

Your role may enable you to:

  • Plan, develop and launch social media content, digital and influencer Marketing, and other campaigns.
  • Analyse data and use digital advertising tools such as Instagram for Business, Facebook Business Manager, and Google Ads.
  • Write Marketing plans, promotional materials, advertising scripts, blog posts and other content.
  • Plan and attend events and promotional activities.
  • Work with other companies for sponsorships, or in a cross-promotional setting.

What skills would help in a Marketing career?

It takes a wide range of skills to make a difference in Marketing. Depending on the type of role you’re interested in, you might need:

  • High-level analytical skills to interpret market research data, sales figures and stats.
  • Excellent organisational and project management skills to keep track of multiple campaigns and deadlines with different clients.
  • Strong communication and reporting skills to convey the right message and share what you’ve learned with your clients.
  • The ability to understand your customer and target markets so you can shape Marketing campaigns that suit their needs, goals, likes and dislikes.
  • Planning and financial skills to help you take a big-picture approach and achieve the results your clients want.

Which industries can you work in?

There are opportunities available in many different industries. You could build a career based on your interests, whether sports, music, technology, food and hospitality, retail brands, or charity work.

How to prepare for your Marketing career while studying

Your resume is one of the best ways you can market yourself, and you can start building one while you are still studying. You can also:

  • Take up a Marketing internship to gain real-world experience, working on projects with actual companies as part of your studies.
  • Attend career fairs and industry events hosted by professional associations and the Murdoch Edge at Kaplan.
  • Join a student society or professional association, and get involved in organising events.
  • Participate in team competitions solving real-world problems and having the opportunity to network along the way.
  • Participate in volunteer work at non-profit organisations or other community groups.

The future of Marketing

There are many opportunities available to you in Marketing. As new technology continues to be developed, you might, one day, find yourself in a Marketing role promoting drone safety, creating campaigns to sell house-cleaning robots, or advertising driverless cars.

You can opt for the following Marketing Double Majors at Murdoch University:

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