Saying hello to IT

Ms Reina Mendoza found a fulfilling career in IT thanks to the solid curriculum at Murdoch University.

When Ms Reina Mendoza, 22, first printed “Hello World!” during her first lesson on programming in Murdoch University at Kaplan campus, it marked the beginning of what turns out to be a satisfying career in information technology (IT) world.

She said: “Other than job prospects, I joined IT out of curiosity. Throughout this journey, I found my passion for programming. Looking back, I realised how much an impact a spark of curiosity can have in one’s life.”

Because of that spark of curiosity, Ms Mendoza decided to embark on a journey into IT when she enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security & Forensics and Computer Science (Double Major) programme in May 2016 after graduating with a Diploma in Information Technology in Kaplan.

She graduated from her Bachelor’s Degree programme in April 2018 and is currently a Software Engineer.

Solid foundation

She believes that to have a successful career in IT, learning how to code will prove to be advantageous.

Reading up on industry news and the focus placed on computer security, it motivated her to take up her Double Major in Computer Science and Cyber Forensics.

From the get-go, a Murdoch University Bachelor’s Degree programme at Kaplan was a clear choice for her tertiary education.

The programme affords her the ability to obtain a Double Major Degree in the same amount of time as compared to a single major, and that her IT Degree is recognised in Singapore as well as accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), should she want to pursue a career in Australia.

She said: “Since the Degree is recognised in Singapore, local students will not have much problem looking for a job. Murdoch University also allows students to choose how many units to take per semester, making it a good choice for working people who are looking for flexibility in their study schedule.”

Future-ready skills

As a Software Engineer at Aspire Systems Consulting, Ms Mendoza has to develop code and adhere to coding standard and guidelines, develop unit cases, and understand the requirements from technical perspectives for implementation.

The job scope proves to be a breeze as Murdoch University’s curriculum has provided great training on coding, common development lifecycle as well as security. All these elements have prepped her well when creating software in her current job.

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Article by: Hafiz Rasid.

Source: The New Paper dated: 26 June 2019
Copyright: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.