Rising up the ranks with a Double Major Degree

A Double Major Degree enabled Ms Faith Zheng to reach her career goals.
Having set her goal on moving up to a managerial position at work, Ms Faith Zheng decided to further her studies to attain higher qualifications to improve her chances.

At that time, the 32-year-old was an executive officer at business consultancy company CorPa Asia Advisory when she decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.

“Having worked in the finance sector for three years, I decided to advance my education to a degree level in order to remain relevant. My drive to progress into a management role within this dynamic field influenced my choice of majors,” she says.

Ms Zheng took two years to earn her Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Management Double Major Degree from Murdoch University at Kaplan. She had felt that taking on two majors would provide her with a greater competitive advantage.

Her efforts paid off and she was promoted to assistant manager of the company after finishing her studies in 2017. She has also pointed out that her new knowledge and skills have helped her in performing better at work.

“My improved critical thinking skills, in particular, have enabled me to liaise with overseas clients effectively,” she adds.

Ms Zheng credits the modules under her programme to the improvement of her skills. For instance, the international management module helped her understand better how the global supply chain works, which is crucial to her interaction with overseas clients. The corporate finance module, meanwhile, gave her deeper insights into the workflow within the banking industry.

She may have bigger responsibilities now but she has no problems adjusting to her new role with better skills to work more efficiently and effectively. She also learnt to be disciplined in her time management when studying her double major degree while working at the same time.

“Murdoch University’s Double Major Degree progresses along at a manageable pace, which encourages students to put in their best efforts, and offers twice the exposure and recognition of a regular programme,” she adds.

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Article by: Cabotaje.

Source: The New Paper dated: 26 February 2019
Copyright: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.