Investing in further education pays off

After spending three years as a stay-at-home-mum, Ms Eustacia Tang Kwan Yu decided to return to work in 2015. But when she embarked on her job search, then-polytechnic diploma holder found her options were very limited.

“Even though I had more than six years of prior working experience, most employers didn’t want to employ someone who had not been working for a few years. I also had a hard time getting job I wanted because most roles require a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree,” says the 32-year-old, who only held a diploma in Mobile and Wireless Computing then.

Ms Tang eventually found a job in project management that required her to do some programming, but she felt overwhelmed by the task due to a lack of practice.

That was when she realised she had to get a degree to improve her prospects.

To gain the strong IT skills that she needed for her job, she decided to pursue Murdoch University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and Computer Science (Double Major). The courses was held at the centrally located Kaplan campus – just a few train stops from her workplace. And the lessons scheduled at night, she could attend classes conveniently after work.

Improved Prospects

Ms Tang began reaping the benefits of her higher education even before she graduated in March last year.

For one, the Business Intelligence unit in her programmes taught her how to manage data visuals, enabling her to present useful information in simple and digestible formats to her audience. Another unit reintroduced her to Java programming, helping her to pick up and polish the essential skill.

“The dedicated lecturers helped me to progress well throughout the programme. They gave students like me further explanations and extended help even after their usual classes,” she adds.

Her Murdoch degree has opened new doors for her. Because of the knowledge and skills she gained, Ms Tang was offered a job at a reputable bank here as a periodic review officer. Beyond performing periodic reviews on client’s accounts, her new role requires her to programme useful applications that helped her team work more efficiently.

“I highly recommend the double major bachelor’s degree I took. The programme will be very useful to anyone interested in becoming a programmer as it equips them with IT skills,” she says.

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Article by: Esther Teo.

Source: The New Paper dated: 29 May 2019
Copyright: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.