Have you thought about these 5 careers in gaming?

Have you considered the possibility of taking your passion for gaming and crafting it into a long, successful career?

Now a multi-billion dollar industry, there are numerous gaming career options to choose from, both on the technical and creative aspects of the field. If you have the commitment, skills and drive to immerse yourself in the world of video games, the possibilities are endless.

Game Designer

Are you brimming with ideas for video games? If so a video game designer could be the career for you. In this job, you will create the concepts that eventually become video games. You will develop the storylines and characters, then collaborate with a creative team of designers and developers through the game production process to bring your game to life.

Software Developer and Game Programmer

As a software developer and computer programmer, you will turn the game designer’s vision into a playable game. Focusing on the technical side of game design, you will use programming languages and ‘engines’ to enhance gameplay. Developers design the software that make games work as they have envisioned, while the programmers use problem-solving skills to create code that converts the designers’ ideas into instructions that video game systems can read and then execute.

Game Animator

Do you have the skills to create memorable characters that are visually appealing to players? The ability to breathe life to video games is becoming increasingly valuable within the gaming industry. Animators are responsible for using specialist software to create the sequence of pictures which visually represent the movement and behaviour of characters within a game.

Game Play Tester

Here’s a role that lets you play the games! Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds due to heavy emphasis on quality assurance. Game testers work their way around the game to make sure it functions correctly, and that the game’s instructions and documentation are clear. They look for glitches and bugs in the system, reporting their findings to the designers and developers. It is a pretty cool job if you like problem solving and gaming!

Professional Gamers

Can you believe you could make a living out of playing video games? You have to be incredibly talented and devote a lot of time each day to practice, but that is every job in a nutshell right? The salary of a gamer will vary depending on how skilled you are. Professional gamers earn winnings from sponsored tournaments and personal sponsorships just like professional athletes. It can be quite a short career, with many pro gamers delving into games art and design or programming and development after they retire from the pro gaming world.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to put your love for games to work!

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