From dreams to reality: An exciting career in cyber security

When cyber security breaches happen in his organisation, desktop engineer Mr Zhang Jia Cai often finds himself ill-equipped to solve them as he lacks the appropriate knowledge with a diploma he attained in computer engineering from Singapore Polytechnic. What he needed was an advanced knowledge of cyber security.

“As a desktop engineer, you only have access to surface-level information when a security incident happens in your organisation. But I wanted to find out why, what, when and how it happened, and analyse in-depth data to solve it,” says the 28-year-old.

According to recruitment consultancy Robert Half, the growing awareness of cyber security threats in Singapore has led to a surge in demand for several technology roles, including cyber security analysts. Highly sought-after across various industries, cyber security analysts can expect an annual salary range of $90,000 to $150,000, as reported in the 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide.

Driven by his curiosity and desire to build a solid foundation in this rising subject, he decided to pursue Murdoch University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Management and Business Information Systems (Double Major).

Murdoch University at Kaplan was his top choice for many reasons. Besides being drawn to its excellent reputation and widely recognised degrees, the part-time programme structure Murdoch University offered was a perfect fit, as it allowed him to pursue his degree without giving up his full-time job. The added bonus of Kaplan’s centrally-located campus at Wilkie Edge made his commute from the office a breeze.

“My degree from Murdoch University has equipped me with the knowledge to review different cyber security events and network traffic flows. I’ve also learned how to analyse available information to find out why specific security incidents occur,” he says.

Instead of focusing solely on cyber security, the double major programme allowed him to expand his knowledge in other areas of IT and enjoy more versatility in his career progression.

Because of the knowledge and skills he gained, Mr Zhang was offered a job in the Security Operations Centre at Security Solutions Provider where he monitors and investigates anomalies in his organisation’s network, ensuring that their information assets are secure.

“I would recommend Murdoch University to anyone who wants to be a cyber security investigator, or be involved in an organisation’s information security. With the university’s double major degree programme, you can also gain knowledge and skills in other areas like business information systems or programming for more versatility in career opportunities,” he says.

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Article by: Peh Yi Wen.

Source: The New Paper dated: 25 September 2019
Copyright: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.