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Cyber security job placements increase as demand in Singapore heightens


As the world becomes more digitally connected, cyber attacks will continue with greater frequency and severity. Governments, corporations and consumers will continue to need protection from cyber security threats.

With government initiatives set to open more doors for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals than before, abundant employment opportunities await job seekers in the ICT sector.

As companies make headway in their digitalisation journey, they will increasingly need a skilled ICT workforce to propel their growth. IT jobs are attracting not only younger professionals but mid-career professionals who are looking to grow their skills and make a transition as well.

In the wake of data breaches across critical services sectors and digitalisation, companies are strengthening their internal capabilities to counteract the cyber risks and vulnerabilities. This has led to an increase in the demand for well-trained cyber security professionals with excellent problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities backed by strong ICT fundamentals.

At the same time, Singapore is arming itself with a new generation of cyber security professionals to counter these rising threats. Over the next half-decade, Singapore will invest $30 million into the ASEAN-Singapore Cyber Security Centre of Excellence to deepen the region’s cyber capabilities through the training of national emergency response teams2.

Join the ICT industry and equip yourself with a Double Major Degree in Cyber Security & Forensics and Computer Science to gain competitive advantage. Demand is surging for cyber security specialists across all industries, amid growing awareness of cyber security threats and the introduction of new regulatory processes to combat the threats.

Polytechnic Diploma holders receive exemptions and gain direct entry to Year 2 of the Degree3. You can complete your Degree in 16 months instead of 28 months4. You can look forward to starting your careers and earning sooner, possibly even one year earlier. You also have the flexibility to plan your schedule and study at your own pace even while you are working.

Student Membership

Student Membership with Centre of Strategic Cyberspace and International Studies (CSCIS)

All students will be entitled to a waiver of membership fee of their initial application for membership with CSCIS. The CSCIS supports members in their ongoing career development and benefits include dedicated industry talks and sessions, networking opportunities, updates on cyber security-related topics.

Established in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London, the CSCIS is a bipartisan, multilateral, international non-profit organisation. It seeks to advance global cyberspace security and prosperity by providing strategic insights for cyberspace and policy solutions to decision-makers.

The CSCIS focus on cyberspace provides advancement on cyber international policy with an emphasis on defence and security, regional and transnational cyber challenges ranging from critical infrastructures, technology, cybercrime, terrorism, and research to national security, development, and economic integration. Since its inception, the CSCIS has worked to develop practical solutions for today’s cyberspace challenges.

3 Must-have Skill Sets for
Cyber Security Professionals

Cyber security is a transferable skill set and industry agnostic. ICT professionals with a strong understanding of IT fundamentals in infrastructure and applications backed with excellent problem solving and analytical thinking skills should do well in these roles. It is essential to approach the cyber security profession with humanised skill sets.

Here are the skill sets:

  1. Ability to strategise to ensure protection of network, infrastructure and computer systems
  2. Develop people management and communication skills to ensure effective coordination with teams and clients
  3. Enhance technical competency through skilling up in order to better identify and resolve issues more quickly
Areas in Need of Cyber Security Professionals
  • Incident and crisis management
  • Security management
  • Threat and vulnerability management
Top Roles In Demand
  • CISO
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Respond Specialist
  • Malware Reverse Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Operations Centre Analyst
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst
Cyber Security & Forensics Salary Guide
cyber security salary guide 2019
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