Boosting frequencies: How this audio producer’s career moved up

Pursuing a degree programme from Murdoch University through Kaplan on a part-time basis has helped Ms Chen Hui Ting to make a better career move

Writing and producing radio advertisements for a local media company has been fulfilling as a job for Ms Chen Hui Ting, who has a Diploma in Chinese media and communications. But she feels that having a degree will help to open more career opportunities and improve her chances of negotiating for better pay.

“To ensure my investment would pay off, I chose to study at Murdoch University, a well-known and accredited institution,” she says.

The 27-year-old took up Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies through Kaplan. She says the Degree programme has been instrumental to help her thrive in her radio career.

She also appreciated having understanding instructors with good industry knowledge, who offered great insights and shared real-life work experiences that the students could apply.

Ms Chen feels that the programme offers a broader field of studies that caters to a large variety of career options, such as marketing or advertising.

“It helps to give you more freedom if you decide a career change in the future,” she says.

She also learnt what it takes to succeed in the media industry.

“It is always useful to know its dynamics and how it has evolved, and will continue to do so, in the future,” she adds.

Determined to graduate as soon as she could, she worked hard and stayed focused and motivated. Her efforts paid off and she managed to complete the programme in a year and four months — the minimum period for its completion.

And learning what it takes to succeed in the media industry through the programme has reaped rewards.

Since attaining her Degree in January, Ms Chen has moved on to work in a multinational company as an audio producer — with better prospects.

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Article by: Cabotaje.

Source: The New Paper dated: 27 November 2019
Copyright: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.